Geek’s run in Berlin (or just a beer after run)

As you know I’ll be in Berlin Thursday and Friday for JUDCon talinkg about wise.
I’d like to use this opportunity to meet some of you and having great talks about Wise, SibillaTest (aka TestedBy), or any other geek’s argument…you know what non-geek calls crazy.
Where and when ca you find me? Well check on tripit when I’ll arrive and where I’ll stay.
I’ll be of course at JUDCon’s HackFest, but I’m more than open to plan other talks over a German beer.
Would you have a run with me? I’ll run in Berlin for sure Friday and maybe also Thursday in the morning (if I find friends running with me, I’ll run for sure Thursday too).
I have in mind more or less 10km of easy running (1h or so) to take a look to the city, since I”ve never stayed in Berlin and it seems I’ll not have more spare time to take a look around. More precisely I’d like to take this run.
Write me if you want to join me both for a run or a beer, we can agree meeting point and time. For German people: write me also if you see something wrong in the planned run…something like “too more traffic here”…or “too more gangsters there!!” :D

See you in Berlin

another passion: wines and food

Probably not all my readers know that I’ve another big passion
than technology and development: food and wines tasting.
I’m a good chef (well, some friends said I’m a GREAT chef…but you know they are friends…and my guests when they have said that) and a quite expert sommelier.

Don’t worry I’m not transforming this blog in a food blog full of recipes and tastes. Just a single post to inform my readers who share passion for wines with me that I’m compiling a simple sheet with my wine tastes, sharing it with a friend of mine (Marek Goldmann) and readable by any person on the internet

Have fun and contact me for any question about my taste…it’s a pleasure for me to spend some minutes sharing my passion. Of course other passionates who would share their tastes are more than welcome. Just let us know.

Meme: 3 reasons to love twitter

twitter__what_are_you_doing_-3It’s my very first blog meme. and it is a very simple meme: write 3 reasons because you love twitter (not bad to compare tweet to blog post).

Of course any point have to stay in 140 chars :)
As all meme link back the meme, but of course don’t forget to tweet your meme’s post ;)

  1. Write a tweet is a lot less time wasting than write a blog post, but permit you to say something
  2. Twitter is an interesting flow of ideas, like a world wide pulsing brain, a global stream of consciousness
  3. Feedback, answer and discussion through twitter are usual much more than blog comment or pingback. And discussion make us better men :)

Have fun.

Open source is matter of ideas not of software

Hi all,
A long silence from me here.

I’m sorry for that but time is very very few. It is one of the reason I’m twitting more than blogging. Twitter require a lot lesser time than blogging. I’m loving it men! It make possible to write some notes without wasting a lot of time in a blog post and it’s very very effective in terms of feedbacks and information exchange.
But I’m not here to describe all the resons I’m loving twitter.
I’m here to say I have no time :) . A little counter sense wasting time in a blog post to say I haven’t time to waste :) . But counter senses are fun because drive us to think different, open the mind and ask our selves where is the real problem.
I have no time for what?
To realize my ideas. I have a lot of ideas (as all people have, I’m sure of that), but it seems I haven’t time to put them in practice. And it’s frustrating. But I decided t return to regular post some ideas here to don’t loose them.

Perhaps I’m not having a revulotionary ideas, I’m not saying E=mc2! But ideas are important per se and share ideas could be the key to give them a spin, an make them fly. Isn’t it the real spirit of open source movement? Open source isn’t IMHO a matter of software, but more generally is matter of ideas.

Innovation have a simple recipe: ideas +time to realize it. But innovation in a open source world could become ideas + some opportunity to realize and share them. One of my favourite blog is exactly this: enunciating ideas and realize them (Bob is sufficient lucky to have time itself to realize hi idea).
In the past I have some ideas became an open source project, and some stimulated some discussions and I’d like to implement it in near future as open source project (I haven’t yet got time, but I love too much TestedBy underlying idea, it is one of my first priority!).

Anyway I can’t switch off my brain just because I haven’t time to realize my ideas.
Could be more interesting and helpful for my curiosity to write down these ideas and share them for an open discussion. At least I’ll have take note of them to work on in some future, or maybe I’ll stimulate others’ ideas in virtuos circle. Let me remark one more time, that is the real underlying idea of open source.

Moreover I’m reading an interesting book “Pragmatic Thinking and Learning“. It say a lot of interesting things, but the one I’m totally sold out is that ideas will be lost if you leave it in a corner of your brain, it’s much better to write it down and eventually discuss it with someone. I would raise the bidding discussing my ideas not with someone, but virtually all ;)

Stay tuned, I’m going to post much more regulary, with really brief post, perhaps someone could be interesting for you and you would like to discuss about it in a virtuous circle ;)

I’m on twitter

Today, waiting for my colleagues to go to eat a bite, I’ve read this post by Mark.

As I’ve written there in comments I signed in in twitter, even if I’m sceptical too (as Mark). Not for sure to say¬† “I’m on a bus”. But maybe it can have some usefulness as IM broadcaster :) Something like “take a look to this link” or “Have you an opinion about something?”. But why open a twitter account? Probably the questions is “can you give something to your reader?” Isn’t it the same question you should ask yourself opening a blog?
I still sceptical, but let me try

You will find also a new box here in right side bar with my last 5 twitter entries. Let me know if some links or idea I share by twitter have some usefullness for you.