another passion: wines and food

Probably not all my readers know that I’ve another big passion
than technology and development: food and wines tasting.
I’m a good chef (well, some friends said I’m a GREAT chef…but you know they are friends…and my guests when they have said that) and a quite expert sommelier.

Don’t worry I’m not transforming this blog in a food blog full of recipes and tastes. Just a single post to inform my readers who share passion for wines with me that I’m compiling a simple sheet with my wine tastes, sharing it with a friend of mine (Marek Goldmann) and readable by any person on the internet

Have fun and contact me for any question about my taste…it’s a pleasure for me to spend some minutes sharing my passion. Of course other passionates who would share their tastes are more than welcome. Just let us know.

I’m on twitter

Today, waiting for my colleagues to go to eat a bite, I’ve read this post by Mark.

As I’ve written there in comments I signed in in twitter, even if I’m sceptical too (as Mark). Not for sure to say¬† “I’m on a bus”. But maybe it can have some usefulness as IM broadcaster :) Something like “take a look to this link” or “Have you an opinion about something?”. But why open a twitter account? Probably the questions is “can you give something to your reader?” Isn’t it the same question you should ask yourself opening a blog?
I still sceptical, but let me try

You will find also a new box here in right side bar with my last 5 twitter entries. Let me know if some links or idea I share by twitter have some usefullness for you.

I’m very very busy these days to finish a good post I have been writing from a while about a new approach to tests. I’m refining our ESB/Wise application and I’m generally busy with Wise (much more to come about very soon, stay tuned).

But I’d like to take just 5 minutes to give my welcome on geek’s blog sphera to one of best developers of my team and much more important one of my best friends. You will probably notice that my domain name should have inspired in some way him when he has chosen ;) . And I’m proud to notice he has quote Wise code in his first post testing the good WP-Syntax plugin for wordpress.

Anyway, trust me, if you are interested or just curious about GWT you have definitively to subscribe his feed, and join me saying “Welcome Fabrizio!”

I’ll try to find time to finish my posts asap…very cool news about Wise and an interesting point of view about unit tests are coming. Don’t miss them, stay tuned!!