My wife is ready for Linux (Fedora)…or better Linux is ready for non-geeks

Really a short story to share with you, really just few words written in my lunch break.

The Windozen on my wife’s laptop has stopped to work at the beginning of August. What are the news here?
I’ve proposed her to switch to fedora. She have been in doubts, saying:
“I’m not a geek, I just use pc to navigate on internet, read email, write few docs and so on…I don’t want to learn another system, can’t you try to recover my system?”
Me: “Well, give it a try. I’ll backup the full image of your disk, and if you will not be happy with the new system, I’ll restore it and I’ll try to recover it”
She: “Ok, you won. Let’s try this Linux”

After more than one month she is of course still using Linux and loving it. She have never open a console, and probably she will not ever do that…but it was exactly the idea. It demonstrate that Linux is perfectly fine for “normal-non-geek” user for internet surfing, emails, some docs and so on.
She had just 2 comments. The first is very positive: “Wow…it’s fast, what have you done to my laptop more than installing Linux? Have you done some strange do you call it…. over-clocking?” :) of course I haven’t done anything else more than Fedora installation!
The second a bit less positive: “this fu****ing sw to manage my ipod have lost the freshly created playlist…against!”. Here I have to say I haven’t found a good (intuitive) alternative to iTunes on Linux and it is the only defect she have found and she continuously remember me on the new system.
Any suggestion of a good iTunes alternative?

An interesting point is that she haven’t yet asked me for any document backed up too…it demonstrate that wife (and I think almost “normal” user) is ready also for a pure net-pc in a cloud environment having everything she need stored in her google account and/or other online service (except pictures and movies of our daughter for which we have a RAID of external disks :D ). And please note my wife is non-geek, but really intensive computer user.